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How 25 interviews can solve your pet business problem.

Are sales of your new pet product or service soft and you don’t know why? Perhaps you have a pretty good idea but everyone on the management team thinks differently. You need some answers and a re-tooled strategy but you’re not sure where to go.  A relatively small qualitative research project can really help turn…

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Finally – Subscription pricing comes to pet products

The challenges/needs of pet ownership haven’t changed, but smart new ideas and tech solutions are really changing the game.  With that change, however, comes increasingly higher pet product pricing.  Don’t want to change the litter box?  The Litter Robot 3 does it for you for $449. No time to walk the dog?  The GoPet Treadwheel…

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Five Mistakes Pet Entrepreneurs Make Everyday

pet business mistakes

There were reportedly 820 new pet products introduced at Super Zoo 2017.  Many of these were from budding pet entrepreneurs eager to enter a booming industry.  Over my years advising pet start ups, I’ve come up with a list of 5 common mistakes that most entrepreneurs encounter along the way.

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