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OnPoint Systems

A group of smart engineers needed help to take their patented new product concept to market.  Strategic Pet quantified the size of the invisible fence market and helped them craft an initial product concept.  We took that concept to research, strengthened it significantly, and placed several options into an online concept test.  This test helped us select the strongest idea, pair it with its ideal target audience and get pricing guidance as well. 


The next step was to develop the brand's creative assets - Strategic Pet brought in outside partners to develop the brand name and logo, the physical package structure and the package design.  We took final concepts to focus groups to strengthen the idea.   


Once the idea was strong we developed the marketing strategy and introductory plans.  We identified great dog training as a unique space to own within the category and found a professional trainer to write their training plans and create "how to" videos.  We recruited qualified product testers and got their feedback and also reached out to industry key opinion leaders to extend brand reach.  


Intro marketing plans were heavy on search marketing and a great web experience.  Strategic Pet brought in a web development firm, a team to create the brand's core video and another to run their digital acquisition strategy.


When OnPoint Systems was ready to launch, they hired full-time marketing support and Strategic Pet wished them well!  


greenies pet branding

Mars Masterfoods

When the Greenies brand experienced a public relations safety crisis, Strategic Pet led the effort to re-launch the brand under new management. We created an integrated sampling-focused plan that included key influencer outreach, public relations, print and digital advertising and free standing insert (FSI) vehicles that cost effectively drove volume to a new website.

The campaign delivered over 200 million consumer impressions, delivered 1.5 million samples and built a customer database of 300K consumers within the first six months.

The re-launch was accomplished by a team of six agencies and two fulfillment houses that Strategic Pet identified, hired and managed.

Post re-launch, Strategic Pet created a three-year strategic plan that led Greenies to capture the position of #1 Vet Recommended Pet Treat. This positioning became a cornerstone of the brand and continues today.

petarmor pet branding


Animal Health start up Velcera needed a marketing plan to launch the first generic fipronil flea and tick product. Strategic Pet put together a key influencer outreach program, set up a customer call center, led digital consumer promotion and designed retail display vehicles for Walmart.

home again pet branding

Schering-Plough Animal Health

Schering Plough Animal Health needed a way to increase penetration of the Home Again Microchip. Strategic Pet worked with their sales force to develop a bundled program that offered animal shelters microchips, vaccines, wound care and education in one easy and economical package.

Focused Pet Marketing

Focused Marketing Research

When Focused Marketing Research needs veterinarian or pet owner research expertise, they reach out to Strategic Pet.  Professional recruiting, projects led from start to finish and a strategic and actionable final report that is capable of moving your business forward.




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