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New Product Coming Soon

A group of smart engineers needed help taking their patented concept to market.

Strategic Pet:

  • Quantified the size of their new category
  • Interviewed dog owners by telephone to determine their needs in the virtual fencing category.
  • Wrote several product concepts and refined them in focus group research.
  • Tested concepts to determine the highest potential brand positioning and the optimal target audience.
  • Oversaw the structural package, brand name, logo and graphic design process.  Design work was optimized via focus group.
  • Re-tested the final concept and fielded a pricing study that recommended a higher than planned retail price as well as the optimal marketing plan and support level.
  • Identified professional dog trainers as a key influencer and put together a strategy that uniquely leveraged this key group.
  • Created marketing strategies and plans including the hiring and oversight of two external agencies.
  • Oversaw development of the website including sourcing an agency for high-quality video production.
greenies pet branding

S&M NuTec

Greenies brand creator, S&M NuTec, needed a marketing plan to scale their awesome dog treat. Strategic Pet fielded the brand’s first consumer study to demonstrate that there was significant upside potential in terms of building consumer awareness. We put together a plan to drive awareness and trial via a revved up online word of mouth referral program and a new focus on dental health education at veterinarians.

greenies pet branding

Mars Masterfoods

When the Greenies brand experienced a public relations safety crisis, Strategic Pet led the effort to re-launch the brand under new management. We created an integrated sampling-focused plan that included key influencer outreach, public relations, print and digital advertising and free standing insert (FSI) vehicles that cost effectively drove volume to a new website.

The campaign delivered over 200 million consumer impressions, delivered 1.5 million samples and built a customer database of 300K consumers within the first six months.

The re-launch was accomplished by a team of six agencies and two fulfillment houses that Strategic Pet identified, hired and managed.

Post re-launch, Strategic Pet created a three-year strategic plan that led Greenies to capture the position of #1 Vet Recommended Pet Treat. This positioning became a cornerstone of the brand and continues today.

petarmor pet branding


Animal Health start up Velcera needed a marketing plan to launch the first generic fipronil flea and tick product. Strategic Pet put together a key influencer outreach program, set up a customer call center, led digital consumer promotion and designed retail display vehicles for Walmart.

home again pet branding

Schering-Plough Animal Health

Schering Plough Animal Health needed a way to increase penetration of the Home Again Microchip. Strategic Pet worked with their sales force to develop a bundled program that offered animal shelters microchips, vaccines, wound care and education in one easy and economical package.

New Start-Ups

Strategic Pet works on a variety of new products in various stages of launch. Cost and time efficient consumer research methods are used, like telephone or online surveys, to determine the category drivers and consumer unmet needs.

Various brand-positioning options are created and evaluated with target consumers. Once a positioning is established, Strategic Pet pulls in other resources to develop brand assets like the pet product’s name, logo, graphic and structural design. We identify the leading key influencer audience and lead the way in partnering and implementing the strategy. Lastly, other partners are brought in to create an integrated marketing plan including digital customer acquisition, social media and public relations.    

Focused Pet Marketing

Focused Marketing Research

When Focused Marketing Research needs an experienced qualitative researcher to gather insights from veterinarians, pet owners or industry business professionals, they reach out to Strategic Pet.

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Jackie Bay founded Strategic Pet to fill what she saw to be a gap incredible marketing resources in the pet industry. We offer over 15 years’ marketing and project management experience and a rich network of agencies, consultants, and smart people.

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