How 25 interviews can solve your pet business problem.

Are sales of your new pet product or service soft and you don’t know why? Perhaps you have a pretty good idea but everyone on the management team thinks differently. You need some answers and a re-tooled strategy but you’re not sure where to go.  A relatively small qualitative research project can really help turn…

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Finally – Subscription pricing comes to pet products

The challenges/needs of pet ownership haven’t changed, but smart new ideas and tech solutions are really changing the game.  With that change, however, comes increasingly higher pet product pricing.  Don’t want to change the litter box?  The Litter Robot 3 does it for you for $449. No time to walk the dog?  The GoPet Treadwheel…

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All I want for Christmas is my best target audience

Isn’t he adorable?!  This man is your target audience and he’s out there.   He wants that great new pet product you – he just doesn’t know it yet. Why doesn’t he know it?  Because you either haven’t figured out who he is OR you have and you’re not reaching him correctly.  So what’s a brand…

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5 Top Pet Trends from Global Pet Expo 2018

The big take away from looking at the new products at this years’ Global Pet Expo was that pet parents are looking for ways to make it easier to live with their pets. They want them to behave more rationally, they want the processes of having them “go outside,” get a bath and buying the…

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Why Changes in Pet Retail Should Be Terrifying Pet Manufacturers

petsmart and chewy

Quick pantry check today and we’re down to 6 cans of cat food.  The need to feed my darling is practically the only thing that gets me to the mall anymore.  Or at least it used to.  Today I went to and bought my usual two cases for about half the price I normally pay at PetSmart.  Shipping was free and I saved even more because I signed up for auto ship.  No more PetSmart (or mall) for us.

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Five Mistakes Pet Entrepreneurs Make Everyday

pet business mistakes

There were reportedly 820 new pet products introduced at Super Zoo 2017.  Many of these were from budding pet entrepreneurs eager to enter a booming industry.  Over my years advising pet start ups, I’ve come up with a list of 5 common mistakes that most entrepreneurs encounter along the way.

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Pet food label disputes make pet owners ask: “Can you trust any pet company?”

pet food label

There are a significant number of class action lawsuits dealing with pet food labels.   Most all of them deal with alleged misleading marketing claims: labeling products “Prescription” when they don’t contain medicine, labeling “Made in America” when not all ingredients are sourced here, labeling “Natural” when products contain synthetic ingredients and labeling “Organic” when products contain substances like pentobarbital.

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