Success in Pet Marketing Requires More Than a Good Idea

Strategic Pet is a marketing partner for pet entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized pet companies. We have the experience and the network to get you where you want to go.

Team Integration

We can integrate with your marketing team to accomplish a specific business or research task.

Entire Service

We run the marketing show using our experienced network of consultant and agency partners.

Behind the Scenes

You can count on us to work behind the scenes supporting your agency’s pet pitch.

Strategic Pet delivers exactly the level of pet marketing support your business requires.

Marketing is what we know and love. Strategy is where we thrive. Getting it done in a practical and economical fashion is how we set ourselves apart.

Strategic Pet Marketing

It takes more than a great idea to be successful. It requires a well thought out brand, able to resonate with a particular niche of pet parent.

Branding starts with a solid understanding of pet consumers’ unmet needs to develop a differentiated brand positioning. The positioning needs to be creatively brought to life in brand personality and visuals. But it can’t stop there. Smart pet companies make sure they really understand who their optimal target audience is and how to find them.  There is no point in buying digital advertising in the midwest if your consumer niche is primarily on the coasts.

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Jackie Bay founded Strategic Pet to fill what she saw to be a gap in credible marketing resources in the pet industry. We offer over 15 years’ marketing and project management experience and a rich network of agencies, consultants, and smart people.

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