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Trade shows are the best places to find out what is new and noteworthy amongst new pet products.  This years’ NAVC was no exception.  Among the best new pet products 2013 is surely Hills new Prescription Diet Metabolic.

Although I, like others, have some misgivings about Hills pet food ingredient/value equation, this product really stood out amongst the others at the show.

It could have been the dominating house structure which signaled that Hills meant business, but honestly, it was the introduction of what felt like real innovation that addresses a key need – pet obesity.  Booth attendees were literally ushered into a living room environment in which a spunky veterinarian showed them a video and talked about why Hills Metabolic is such an outstanding new product.



5 Compelling reasons why new Hills Science Diet Metabolic might just be one of the best new pet products of 2013. 


#1 Hills Science Diet Metabolic has proven efficacy.

After two month in in-home trials, 96% of dogs and 81% of cats lost weight.  On average, pets had a 28% body fat loss during the same time period.  Hills Metabolic works to actually “change the overweight animal’s metabolism so that it acts more like the metabolism of a lean animal.”  Also of note, the products are “clinically proven to avoid weigh regain, almost sounds too good to be true.  According the the Mayo Clinic website I looked at, this isn’t really possible but I’m not going to get into that argument.  Hills appears to have the results to back those claims and from a marketing standpoint, this introduction appears to bring real science into a category that has seen very little of late.

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